Pave d’Affinois Original


This French double cream cheese produced by Fromageris Guilloteau is available in several flavours: Pavé d’Affinois Original, Crémeux, Plaisir, and Pavé d’Affinois Bleu.
In previous posts, we described the blue mould variety (Blue D’Affinois) and now we are focusing on the traditional recipe, commercialised as the original Pavé d’Affinois. Its distinction is based on the different fat levels and textures:
– Le Pavé d’Affinois light has 9% fat
– Le Pavé d’Affinois Plaisir and Crémeux 30% fat
– Le Pavé d’Affinois Bleu with 41% fat

As its blue counterpart, the Pavé d’Affinois original is made from pasteurised cow’s milk in the natural park of Pilat, in the French Rhone-Alps. It has a silky-smooth fat texture gained using an ”ultra-filtration” dehydration technique which breaks down the fat molecules in the milk to further disperse them through the paste.

Scrumptiously creamy, Pavé d’Affinois has an edible bloomy rind with a sweet yet mild flavour. Pleasant fresh on the palate with a milky aroma, has some grassy flavours and a mild bouquet that reveal some sweet notes.

In regard to pairings, the rich flavour of the cheese gets accentuate by serving it with French crusty bread, champagne and fresh fruit.

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