Napoleon is mild and smooth!


Napoleon is a tomme sheep cheese made with raw milk of Manech ewes following ancient cheese traditions of Haute-Garonne (South West of France) by the prestigious family company Les Fromagers du Mont Royal.

Napoleon’s name recalls the mountain facing the production farm, Penne – Haute” better known under the name “Nose of Napoleon” located in St Bertrand de Comminges, which is in front of production cellars.

Pure sheep cheeses from the Pyrenees are made using aromatic ewe’s milk produced mainly by three of the region’s breeds: Basco Béarnaise, Black-Face Manech and Red-Face Manech.

Generally, are rare and exceptional cheeses, because each ewe can only provide a liter of milk per day, and five liters are needed to produce a kilogram of cheese. It takes twenty-two ewes to provide the same quantity as a single cow!

Napoléon Cheese Characteristics

The cheese presents under its hard-dark crust a thick paste with creamy colour, melting and very fruity. As one can read on their website “The Napoleon is refined to the old. All care, washing, rubbing … are done by hand.”

The cheese stands out for its strong and persistent flavour, refined 10 months, developing all the flora of its soil in a bouquet of detonating aromas.

Le Napoléon Commingeois has a mild, tangy fragrance and a full-bodied, smooth and chewy texture. Its refined and well-balanced flavour offers hints of rich butter, fruit and mountain grasses.

Napoléon Wine Pairings

Regarding wine pairings, this cheese pairs nicely with a light and fruity glass of Crozes Hermitage du Domaine Melody (Côtes du Rhône), an intensely flavoured wine such as Jurançon sec, or a white Anjou would pair well with Le Napoléon.





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