Livarot Cheese


One of the most ancient cheeses of Normandy, this unpasteurised Cow’s cheese is one of the oldest and greatest cheeses from France, protected by AOC since 1975.
Back in the 19th century, Livarot was reputed as “poor man’s meat” due to its high nutritional value.



Livarot is washed in brine and dyed with annato spice seed to make an exquisite pungent soft cheese with robust aroma and flavour.
The taste is nutty, melting in the mouth, to release flavours of a salty lemon and spiciness. The texture is creamy, smooth and quite runny at room temperature.

The cheese is encircled by five bands of rush leaves that prevent any collapsing during maturing. These five bands evocate the five stripes used on military uniforms to denote an officer’s rank; it is for this reason the cheese is known as “the Colonel”.


As they say in France “Plus ça pue, plus c’est bon” (the more it stinks, the better). The lovers of this cheese delight in its strong odour and full flavour. A good Livarot should have a firm, browny, slightly sticky rind and a strong spicy flavour,

Livarot, while excellent on its own, is one cheese that works better with accompaniments. It is best enjoyed with a full-bodied red wine, malty beers, glass of Calvados, Normandy cider or even a traditional French hard cider. It tastes excellent with crusty bread, dates, honey, dried food, to counteract its intensity.


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