Le petit Moyonnais


Le petit-Moyonnais (fromage de chevre fermier), is a white pasteurised goats’ milk cheese made by the producers Gaec des Alpines using goats from the Alpine breed. It is produced in the former commune of Moyon, located in the Manche department of Normandy, in the north-western of France.

Le petit-Moyonnais is a goat’s cheese with a texture on the mouth that resembles in some way cream cheese. It’s central pâte is very soft, very creamy, thick and mild, making it really versatile and convenient to use.
The cheese has a very balanced taste, not too salty, not too goaty and not too gamy. Le petit-Moyonnais flavour is clean and fresh, mouth-wateringly tangy but not astringent, lemony but also milky.

Wine pairings

In regard to wines pairing as a general rule you can’t go wrong with the famous wine from the same place. However, as Normandy isn’t particularly known for their wines and are more well-known for their Cidre, Poire and Calvados (cognac distilled from apple juice). We would recommend matching it with these drinks instead. There is still one local wine worth pairing with, Arpents du Soleil Auxerrois. Apparently, if I am not wrong, Gérard Samson is the only wine producer in Normandy and they do this white wine from the subtle and refined Normandy terroir that will amaze lovers of great wines.

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