Le Galletout – Its flavour is sublime!


Le Galletout is a pebble-like shaped cheese from unpasteurised goat milk made in Cazillac, a local commune set in the south-west of France, not too far from Lachapelle-Auzac  – just 15 km away ( Lingot du Berger) in the department of Lot, region of the Midi-Pyrénées –  famous for their great goat cheeses.

The cheese is developed and produced in le Bois D’almathee, a small local farm that follows strict traditional and artisanal methods. They, in fact, control the entire production of their raw milk cheeses: from the breeding of goats to maturing.

Le Galletout cheese can be eaten young and mild, after only two weeks of affinage, or it can be aged a little bit longer if a stronger flavour is preferred.

Le Galletout Characteristics

According to the producer’s website, le Galletout is the most distinctive goat cheese of all their range.

It develops a very characteristic flavour – this cheese has a soft and slightly acid taste – tart flavoured with a melting texture that gets firmer as it matures.

The galletout has an unconventional shape that resembles a wrinkled, pale mushroom cap or a cloud of meringue of 5 cm length and 3 cm width. It’s 165 g of fresh pate are covered with a fine wavy finish.

The rind is thin and coloured from white to beige with a caprine smell which is not too strong. Its texture is a reminiscent of goat logs. Its flattened shape resembles the pebbles bordering the bed of the Dordogne river.

It is said to be a refined cheese, with a spicy goaty taste, sometimes full-bodied and salty. The white dough becomes more and more creamy and soft as it matures.

Pairing Cheese and wine

Regarding wine pairings, this cheese pairs nicely with some dry sauvignon blanc wine, such as a good Pouilly Fumé produced around Pouilly-sur-Loire, in the French Nièvre département.




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