Le Curé Nantais – “le Régal des Gourmets”


Le curé Nantais is a pressed raw cow’s milk Cheese. It is an uncooked cheese with a semi-hard paste and with a washed rind. The version featured in this post is the one affiné with Muscadet wine.

Inspired by abbey cheeses, its flavour is more accentuated and the dough is mellow. It is round shape of 8 to 9 cm in diameter or square of 8 cm of side and 3 cm of thickness. Its weight varies from 160 to 180 g.
The name of the Curé Nantais comes from the fact that the cheese was invented by a Vendée priest under the French Revolution and the dairy is in the region of Nantes, in Pornic, a small village located in the Loire-Atlantique Region.
However, le curé Nantais was originally from the Pays de Loire region. This artisanal cheese was created in 1880 in Saint-Julien-de-Concelles, a small village on the Loire Valley, south-east of Nantes.

Le Curé Nantais is produced using exclusively fresh milk from the morning and the evening before.
Manufactured in the traditional copper vats, the production does not exceed the 2000 cheeses per day, which is not a lot, considering all the technological advances available on the market to increase production.

The affinage of the Curé Nantais lasts one month, in wet cellar with washes. Then the cheese will be washed in salted water for 4 to 8 weeks to give them this beautiful ocher color.

Supple pate with a strong smell, the Muscadet wine gives the cheese a nice fruity taste. Its flavour is fine in the mouth and very pleasant to the palate. It brings a good balance between texture and flavour.

Wine pairings

Strong cheese, its dough is supple and pierced with some small holes, it reveals a flavour of smoked bacon and a final spicy. Le Curé Nantais cheese is generally in good agreement with local white wines such as Muscadet or Pinot Noir or a Gewurztraminer well spiced.

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