Cremeux du Mont-St.-Michel


Cremeux du Mont-St.-Michel is an unpasteurised double-cream cheese. It is made in Normandie at the Fromagerie de Pain d’Avaine, in Isigny-le-Buat, which is just inland from Mont St. Michel.

This lovely artisanal cheese is produced using raw cow’s milk only from Normandy, from the département of Manche.

The Cremeux of Mont-Saint-Michel has a soft rind and is often compared to the Chaource and the neufchâtel because they followed a similar making process of enriching the milk with cream.
It tastes slightly creamy with the right balance of salt, butter and grassy-sweet undertones.

When it’s young, it’s a little more crumbly and chalky, but it gets softer and creamier as it matures.
It is very soft and fluffy in the texture and will spread perfectly on any crusty baguette and tastes brilliant with pears and apples.
This rich flavour and smooth texture demand a fruity, dry white wine, Muscadet alike or hard cider such as Bayeux de Normandie.


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